A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays
Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach

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Praise for Robin Sampson's Books

Stacy Burns

I am very, very please with A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays, far more than I expected. This book is larger than I expected, the size of a text book, with a lot of info about history, traditions of men vs. biblical laws, Messianic meanings, crafts, printing pages, recipes, songs and a bunch of other things that I am not writing down in this review. It is obvious that the book is meant for families who want to either understand the Holy Days, or like our family has felt that we should observe the feast days that God originally instituted for his people, but with the understanding of how Christ was the focus of all of it long before He died on the cross. Our family does not have Jewish roots so we really had NO CLUE what we were doing, how we were supposed to do and the meaning behind it. ​

I am in so much awe about how Awesome our God is, that He has given so much attention to so much, Holy Days included. For any family that wants to follow the Hebrew roots style, this book is a must have, it will simplify things for you and make it so much easier to understand and will make the whole experience something to really look forward to, rather than feeling like you are floundering with what, when, why and how to do what you are trying to do.

Ron Mosley,
Yeshua: A Guide to the Real Jesus and the Early Church

Many books have crossed my desk about the Bible holidays, most with only a New Testament view. I was delighted to see that A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays includes the historical purpose and meaning of each holiday as well as the foreshadows of Christ. Robin Sampson  has done an excellent job explaining each holiday fullest in easy-to-understand text. These often overlooked teachings reveal significant insights into the predominantly Jewish Early Church.  

Dr. Marvin Wilson,
Our Father Abraham

I enthustically endorse these exceedingly creative project. A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays is a Christian exploration of the Biblical Holidays adaptable for all ages. This impressive work is visually attractive and Scripturally anchored. Here is a delightful educational tool serious students will appreciate as it will provide them with a detailed understanding of one of the foundational instructional pillars of the earlier Jewish church. Explore wonderful basic foundational truths that are found in the only Bible the earliest church knew. The glossary is a real asset. 

Sharon Murray

What Your Child Needs to Know When:

 There are other checklists available for those homeschooling parents who want to know what they might need to teach their children. You can even find some of these checklists on line. The "what your child needs to know in.." series will also help.

What sets this one aside is it also covers character education and has check lists for what you might need to teach your child at different ages in character education and Biblical education.

One of the things that I liked is that there was a place to write each child's name and youc an easily track what your children know at each level up to three children. Another thing I liked was that the checklists seperated out by grade were also seperated out by Character/Biblical Principals vs. State expected checklists. This made it easy to concentrate on just one thing if you wanted to do so.

C.J. Shadbolt New Zealand

What Your Child Needs to Know When:

I have had a chance to glance through this book, and like what I see. It has a definite focus in the first half on returning to the Hebrew Biblical roots of education and worldview (as opposed to the Greek/Classical traditions), and a useful checklist of concepts to teach in each grade level in the second half of the book.

Very American focussed (with quotes on how the public education system is performing in America specifically), so not quite as relevant here in NZ, but useful anyway.

Pamela Morsi

What Your Child Needs to Know When:

I bought this book after hearing several homeschoolers tell me how it drastically changed their teaching for the better.

The focus is academic standards should not be separated from spiritual standards! It explains how we need to teach the whole child according to the child's individual God-given gifts. True wisdom progresses beyond intellectual pursuit; it is practical.

The goals outlined in this book will help you prepare, teach, and evaluate your children from a Biblical world view. It will also advise you in helping them become self-motivated, lifelong learners.

Bible Reading checklist and a Character Traits list are also included as well as extensive glossaries and reproducible forms.

I agree with those that recommended this book- it has changed my view of education drastically!

Mary Pride,
Practical Homeschool Magazine

Robin Sampson has her own approach for sparking the love of learning in your child's heart. If you are a Charlotte Mason fan, you should love the way the lessons are presented. She combines Charlotte Mason's time-tested approach with Marilyn Howshall's ideas. The Heart of Wisdom approach adds the 4Mat System of learning and you have a method that appeals to all learning styles. If you like combining unit studies and the Charlotte Mason approach, with a heavy emphasis on Bible study, then you'll then you'll love The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach

Heidi Shaw,
This Old School House Magazine

Robin Sampson has put together a jewel of a package in The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach. This approach is written to appeal tomany different learning methods using Charlotte Mason's philosophy of learning, her own Bible first philosophy, and the biblical Hebraic method of education. The creative way of melding Charlotte Mason and the four basic learning styles has produced a approach that is truly a conduit to life-long learning. Robin gently leads us to this place of light yet highly encourages delight-directed learning at the same time. When you ignite a spark of interest inyour child, lay aside the schedule/timetable and watch them fly! 

Children who are learning by choice will retain and enjoy so much more than those who are forced to study topics of no interest to them. There are comprehensive helps on making timeline books and portfolios, all with lots of illustrations and examples. Robin has obviously spent time in prayer and more prayer while she prepared these studies. Her writings are thoughtful, insightful and joyful and have been a labor of love from her whole family, I'm quite sure! Enjoy the foursteps—Excite, Examine, Expand, and Excel! You may never go back to any other way of learning.—Heidi Shaw, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Aadel Bussinger

 I was very impressed withThe Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach. and the lengths it took to apply biblical wisdom and foundation to the family and it's educational choice.

I think the book is a bit lengthy, but it has numerous pages of resources. It addresses several methods of homeschooling, and analyzes them to see whether they fit with scripture.

This would be a great read for a family just starting out homeschooling, who wish to implement a biblical foundation to their studies without having to follow a formulaic boxed curriculum.

Robin Sampson

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I’m an author and a graphics designer, and have been homeschooling and teaching Bible studies for over thirty years.  I gave birth to nine children  (five boys and four girls, ages 17 to 44),  I am Marmee to fifteen grandchildren and now have two great-grand children. I currently homeschool my my youngest teenage sons.